Discover Kona: The Ultimate Destination for Blue Marlin Fishing Adventures!

Globally, Kona is known as the grander blue marlin capital of the world, with more grander blues having been weighed in this legendary fishery than any other place on the planet. Nowhere else in the world has there been a grander blue marlin caught in every single month of the year. While there are better places to catch higher numbers of blue marlin, Kona is by far the best spot for a Pacific blue marlin over 500lbs. In the industry, we call them “nice ones”. Although big blue marlin are often the major target for those coming to Kona to fish, we get plenty of shots at smaller marlin in the 100-300lb range which often fight well above their weight and keep us entertained!

Marlin are typically our main target species, we often get shots at other fun and delicious game fish like Short-bill spearfish, ahi (yellowfin tuna), Mahi-Mahi (dolphin fish/dorado) and Ono (wahoo).

Get to know the common catch in Kona, Hawaii a little better….
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Blue marlin is the biggest fish we target here in Kona, Hi. They won’t go down without a fight, and every stage of the catch is a challenge. That’s what makes the blue marlin a favorite of so many. Our experienced captain and crew know all about where and how to target blue marlin, and they will always coach you if you get a big one on the line.

Blue marlin fishing in Kona can be done all year long. Some of the largest  blue marlin are caught during March, April and May but frankly every month of the year we get great shots at large marlin.

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Kona is world renowned as the Shortbill spearfish (sometimes called Short-nose spearfish) capital of the world. These spearfish, or “chuckers” as we affectionately know them, are regarded as the rarest billfish in the ocean.  They live here year round so there is always a chance to catch one, however during certain times of the year there is the possibility of multiple shots per day.  This makes Kona a great option for those looking to complete their IGFA billfish royal slam, or those looking to target spearfish records on conventional tackle or fly.

We have clients that come from all over the world to catch these delicious little warriors of the sea. The typical Shortbill spearfish weighs 25-40lbs so they are a workout for sure especially on lighter tackle.  They can be prepared for the table any number of ways.

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Striped marlin can be found in Kona thanks to its tropical temperatures and being in the Pacific Ocean. The unique thing about striped marlin is they travel in schools, in contrast to the other marlin which tend to be more solitary. Because of their social nature, striped marlin can be caught in multiples. The easiest way to tell a striped marlin from a blue marlin is their dorsal fin, which will match it’s body depth in height.

It is one of the most sought after game fish, in part due to how exciting it is to reel one in. They fight, fly, and leap when on the line. They can be caught year round, but are more abundant in the milder winter and spring months. We don’t generally see the size of Striped Marlin that places like Australia and New Zealand are known for, with most fish being in the 50lb-100lb range.

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The Mahi Mahi is one of the more challenging trophy fish to catch, especially for their size. They’re energetic and will maneuver and leap to try and get away. Mahi Mahi is said to have the best taste and the Hawaiian meaning of Mahi is “strong”.  They are iridescent dark green and yellow gold, and can change in hue when they are brought out of the water. Mahi fishing in Kona can be done year round, and is best during the winter months.

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Yellowfin tuna can be recognized one by the prominent, yellow fins they are named for. They are dark blue on top, and have silver bellies. Yellowfin are strong swimmers, and they can get very large, especially in Kona. They flock here to enjoy the warm waters, current and generous population of smaller fish. Yellowfin are favored among trophy fishermen because of their size, beauty, and deliciousness. It is often used in raw dishes, and is one of the select fish classified as “sushi or sashimi-grade”.  If you want to give it a try, our crew will slice up your catch for a snack right on the boat.

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Wahoo fishing in Kona is exciting for many reasons. They can be difficult to find, and once you hook one, you better be ready for their speed. Wahoo are incredibly fast, which is some of why they are so prized among trophy fish. They are gorgeous, with tiger stripes, big teeth and a long body that is blue on top. Many consider the ono/wahoo to be one of the most delicious fish; they are often used by chefs and gourmet restaurants as part of their offering.

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