On June 26, we ventured out for a holoholo (fun) day with owner Mike, Chip, crewman and photographer Joe Byrum, our friend Paige and my wife and son Alex and Sam. This was our first day out on our 41′ G&S under the new ownership and management, so we were excited to get out there! We had a leisurely start, heading out around 8:00am and spirits were high amidst the excitement of our maiden voyage.

Around midday, our TANTRUM Lures Medium Bullet in pinky colors that we were running on the stinger came down hard out of the clip. Chip instantly wound the lure up around five cranks to excite the fish in to a second bite and it worked a treat! We were hooked up and fighting with Paige in the chair on her first blue marlin. The fish put on a beautiful display of jumps closed to the boat, allowing Joe to capture these beautiful photos (thanks Joe!). A few minutes later and after a good tussle on the leader, Chip had Paige’s first marlin on a short leash beside the boat and there were high fives all around!

We had a second bite soon after that didn’t connect. We headed back to the harbor soon after and enjoyed a couple of drinks in celebration of our maiden voyage, our first marlin on the boat as well as Paige’s first marlin. First of many for our beautiful new ride!

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