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Exhilarating Adventures: Family Bonding Time on a Kona Fishing Charter

As an experienced Kona Fishing Charter enthusiast and the current owner of Tantrum, I’m a bit unique in my approach to fishing. My passion for fishing doesn’t extend to participating in all the fishing tournaments Kona has to offer. Why? It’s because Tantrum is always bustling with charter clients during these events. Since I’m not yet a full-time resident of the Big Island, my fishing trips take on the exciting feel of mini-vacations. And a few times a year, my family joins in on the fun, creating unforgettable moments off the Kona coast. Of all our trips, one recent one stands out: an awesome day of fishing on July 3rd, 2023.

A Memorable Fishing Trip with Family

On this unforgettable trip, I was joined by my 18-year-old son and 24-year-old daughter, who has been my fishing buddies in Hawaii for over a decade.  Also joining us for the first time on this trip was my father-in-law. All of us boarded Tantrum for our Kona Fishing Charter. Kailua-Kona may not be famous for vast daily quantities of fish daily, but it’s known for providing the opportunity to land a catch that’s remembered for a lifetime.

Thrills on the High Seas

From the get-go, we were in luck. Right out of Honokohau Harbor, my father-in-law hooked his first-ever blue marlin, setting positive vibes on the boat. Following this, my daughter, already proud of a massive 700+ pound blue marlin catch the previous year, successfully landed a short-bill spearfish. And all of this happened within the first couple of hours at sea.

An Unforgettable Catch for My Son

Next up was my son Austin’s turn in the chair. Our excitement dipped as the next few hours passed quietly. However, we kept our spirits high as we slowly navigated toward the historic fishing village of Miloli’i. In 200-300 fathoms of water, our new Furuno Omni Sonar detected an intriguing mark. As we drew closer, the mark moved over to our fish finder, and just then, a Blue Marlin attacked the short corner Tantrum Lure.

At 6’6″ and 215 pounds, my son is no pushover. He’s reeled in over 20 marlins in his young fishing career, ranging from 100-250 lbs. But a giant marlin like this one was a different game altogether. After some intense exchanges and even a few terse words at me to stop my continuous chatter, we finally subdued the fish. Even though we usually release marlin back into the sea, this particular catch was so impressive that we decided to haul it onboard. Weighing in at 756.5 lbs, it was the biggest catch of Austin’s life.

Unforgettable Memories, Unbreakable Bonds

I’m incredibly grateful to have shared this exhilarating experience with my son before he headed off to college and began a new chapter in his life. A huge thank you goes out to Nick, Chip, and Mitch for helping us create these unforgettable memories. If you’re interested in creating your own memorable moments on a Kona Charter Fishing adventure with Tantrum Sportfishing, don’t hesitate to reach out!


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